Best Tips for Long Time in Bed

Sex determines your life quality in many aspects. When you and your partner satisfy each other, you are in a better mood and generally achieve more. As an escort model with rich erotic experience, I understand that like no one else. In this article, we are going to talk about tips for long lasting on bed. It will be particularly interesting for my male audience.

How Long Do Guys Usually Last in Bed

Time spent for satisfaction of your girlfriend or wife depends on numerous factors. Contrary to popular belief, good sex is much more than just staying hard for a long time. It is about being able to bring pleasure to your loved one and enjoy it yourself. It involves:

  • Affectionate foreplay. This shall not be neglected in any case!
  • Touching, kissing, cuddling.
  • Responding to your partner’s expectations.
  • Matching of your temperaments.
  • Finding the exact right time for the sexual act.

When it comes to the duration of intercourse, it varies for each couple. It may take up to an hour, or half of the night. As long as it works for both of you, it is OK. Stop asking yourself: how long should I last in bed? In this article, you will find valuable pieces of advice on improving sexual endurance. For even more great tips for leaving your lady happy and exhausted, check our article How to Pleasure a Woman Like Never Before.

Lasting Longer in Bed Naturally

Being able to keep your lady in bed long enough is a true concern. Below you may find several practical tips for achieving this without undue effort.

  • Try to stay calm. Nervousness will do no good. It’s always better to relax.
  • Masturbate 2-3 hours before the sexual act to release tension.
  • Do not be in a rush. Do things patiently and in the right time.
  • When you feel the “final wave” coming, slow down and try to focus on something else. It’s a great tip when it comes to the best way to last long on bed.
  • Use thick condoms. They reduce sensitivity.
  • Talk to your partner and ensure she understands your desires. Explain what you like her to do.
  • Switch positions from time to time.

Usually, this is enough for enjoying each other for a great while.

How to Stay Hard Longer without Coming Naturally

Erection is predominantly a health issue. Therefore, you maintain and improve this aspect of your life by staying fit. Lasting longer in bed naturally is not that complicated if you follow the universal simple tips below.

  • Mind your weight. Keep it at a comfortable level. Avoid sugar, candy and all kinds of sweets. Your meals should contain enough vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, beans and fish. High-protein diet is very helpful too.
  • The latest research has shown that vitamin D deficiency has negative outcomes for the male body. To ensure its generation, spend enough time outdoors.
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases by controlling body pressure. In fact, erectile issues and heart diseases are interconnected.
  • Exercise daily, even just a little bit. Include this in your daily routine.
  • Sleep well – 7-8 hours at least. Do not work till late at night. Have a good rest at weekends.
  • Nicotine and alcohol affect erection to a great extent. Try to leave bad habits in the past.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Balance your mind.
  • Be optimistic and enjoy your life! This way, you will be able to bring satisfaction to your partner as well!

Sexual drive of a man is predetermined by the testosterone in his body. Staying healthy and fit keeps the hormones at the right level and helps leading an active sex life. You may find more tips for long lasting on bed in our blog.

long lasting on bed

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