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Erotic Movies About Intimate Relationships That’ll Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

While the pandemic affects our everyday life one way or another, I propose you a short list of exceptionally beautiful erotic films that have become discoveries of world cinema. These are pictures with beautiful sexual scenes and extraordinary characters. Each film also offers viewers an interesting story and non-trivial disclosure of the inner world of the characters.

5 Erotic Movies

This is the list of very dissimilar erotic films made in different years, which gained their acceptance. Even if you’ve already seen them, you can always watch a beautiful film again, especially in good company:)

Emmanuelle, 1974

It is a classic of world erotic cinema and the oldest film on the list that just gives it its charm. The film was directed by Just Jaeckin based on the novel of the same name by Emmanuelle Arsan. The film stars Sylvia Kristel in the title role. The plot develops around the wife of a French embassy worker who goes with her husband Jean to East Asia. The main character discovers more and more sexuality and frankness, having relationships with different people.

At one time the film became such a success that it was shown in cinemas for several years. At the same time, the then French President Georges Pompidou banned the film from distribution. Only his successor Valéry Giscard d’Estaing who had relations with the lead actress in Emmanuelle lifted the ban.

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

It became the last work of Stanley Kubrick, with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise starring. The story is about wealthy and successful spouses who seem happy, but feel the influence of routine in their relationship. One day the wife confesses to her husband that she dreamed of cheating on him. The unexpected confession of his wife opens for the character of Cruise a whole world of other aspects of life: a long-time passionate love to the daughter of his deceased patient, the owner of the masquerade costume store, selling not only theatrical props, a world of unknown and sometimes forbidden erotic fantasies and sexual pleasures. This leads to a series of strange and mysterious events intertwined with eroticism and intimate visions.

Blue Is the Warmest Color, 2013

This is the film of French director Abdellatif Kechiche based on Blue Is the Warmest Color novel by Jul Maroh. The film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. The story develops around a young girl, Adele, who meets a woman with an unusual appearance. The interest in the new acquaintance develops into excitement, and then into a violent passion. The female leads are very different, but they are united by a passionate and emotional story, which you watch with fascination.

The Dreamers, 2003

This is romantic drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci based on several novels by Gilbert Adair.

In the late ’60s, Matthew, an American, comes to France for an exchange to learn the language better. He spends a lot of time with film buffs like himself, watching new releases and classics, and discussing what he has seen. At Cinémathèque, Matthew meets brother Theo and sister Isabel, who invite him to stay with them while their parents travel. While student uprisings rage outside the big apartment window, a relationship full of intimacy and frankness develops between the characters. The film depicts perhaps some of the most beautiful erotic scenes in world cinema.

Nymphomaniac, 2013

This is a two-part erotic drama co-produced by director and screenwriter Lars von Trier made in Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, and Great Britain.

One day a bachelor Seligman stumbles upon a battered woman in her fifties. Without thinking it through, the man decides to bring a new acquaintance to his home. There he learns that her name is Joe. He looks at her and can’t understand what led her to such a life. The plot of the film is based on a woman’s story of her content life, her wild youth, and an abundance of relationships and casual liaisons. Don’t expect the movie to be fun and lighthearted. The first part is more intellectual than corporeal, and the second part combines eroticism and violence. The film completes the so-called Depression Trilogy, which also includes Antichrist and Melancholia.

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